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Brakes Guide: If the ABS Warning Light is on, is it still safe to drive?

An ABS warning light means the ABS system has been deactivated because of a self-diagnosed fault. Normal braking should remain. The vehicle should be safe to drive provided the driver does not have to call on his ABS system when panic braking on a wet or slick surface. An ABS warning light may also indicate a loss of power-assist if Continue Reading...
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Brake Guide: Bleeding the brakes

Bleeding is a service procedure that involves purging air from the master cylinder, brake lines, calipers, and wheel cylinders. If there are air bubbles in the fluid, they will compress when the brakes are applied, causing either a low or soft pedal. Bleeding gets the air out, leaving only non-compressible brake fluid. Air can enter lines when the system is Continue Reading...
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Brake Guide: Brake Calipers

Any caliper that is leaking, has worn or damaged seals, or is causing brake pads to wear unevenly, needs to be rebuilt or replaced, but so do many calipers that appear to be trouble-free. After three or four years of service, most caliper bores and steel pistons have visible corrosion and pitting. As the surface of the piston becomes rough, Continue Reading...
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