What Kind of Fuel Hose is Best

Fuel, emissions and vacuum hoses are made of special materials to handle the liquids and vapors they carry. Fuel hose, for example, is made to withstand gasoline and alcohol (up to a certain percentage concentration). It is also reinforced to withstand internal pressure.

It is extremely important not to use any other type of hose for a fuel line. Use only approved fuel hose that is rated for carrying gasoline.

It is also extremely important to use hose with the correct pressure rating for the application. Hose for electronic fuel injection (EFI) must have a higher pressure rating (35 to 70 psi or higher) than that approved for carbureted engines (7 to 10 psi). You can always use higher rated EFI hose on a carbureted application, but never the reverse. If lower pressure carburetor fuel hose is used on a high pressure EFI engine, it may burst and cause a fire.

High pressure EFI hoses often require special high pressure rolled-edge clamps rather than standard clamps or spring clamps. Some EFI hose also uses special connectors. Ford and Mercury fuel injected engines, for example, have hard nylon fuel lines held in place by push connectors.

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